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The Hundred Halls Complete Season One

The Hundred Halls Complete Season One

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Get ALL 28 Hundred Halls Season One books in one collection!  Over 7000 pages of reading for less than $3 a book.

If you bought the books one at a time, you'd pay $148.74.  For a limited time get almost $70 off using this incredible offer.

This bundle includes:

The Hundred Halls Series:

  • Trials of Magic
  • Web of Lies
  • Alchemy of Souls
  • Gathering of Shadows
  • City of Sorcery

The Reluctant Assassin Series:

  • The Reluctant Assassin
  • The Sorcerous Spy
  • The Veiled Diplomat
  • Agent Unraveled
  • The Webs That Bind

Gamemakers Online Series:

  • The Warped Forest
  • Gladiators of Warsong
  • Citadel of Broken Dreams
  • Enter the Daemonpits
  • Plane of Twilight

The Animalians Hall Series:

  • Wild Magic
  • Bane of the Hunter
  • Mark of the Phoenix
  • Arcane Mutations
  • Untamed Destiny

The Stone Singers Hall Series:

  • Song of Siren and Blood
  • House of Snake and Tome
  • Storm of Dragon and Stone
  • Sonata of Shadow and Thorn
  • Well of Demon and Bone

The Order of Merlin Trilogy:

  • The Order of Merlin
  • Infernal Alliances
  • Tower of Horn and Blood

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