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Trials of Magic

Trials of Magic

Book 1 of the Hundred Halls series

There are exactly one hundred halls of magic to choose from. Ever since our parents were killed I knew exactly which hall was for me.

Aurelia "Aurie" Silverthorne is one of the best and brightest to ever apply to the Hundred Halls, the only magical university in the world. To be accepted, she must pass grueling trials that claim the lives of aspirants every year. But more than her desire to practice magic is at stake. Aurie's little sister has been courting powerful forces in hopes of protecting herself from the beings that killed their parents, but alliances come with complications. As things spiral out of control, and dangerous foes arise at every turn, Aurie knows the only way to protect her sister is to pass the trials—even if it means making a terrible sacrifice.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Peter Bruyns
Absolutely Absorbing

This is the second or third time I've read this book. I've seen a review that classifies this book as YA, if that's the case then other so called YA writers should read this book to get a clue! You don't have to use Malopropism to write good books for the young!


I am a huge fan of Thomas Carpenter and reading this book kept me engaged till the very end. Can't wait to read the next one in the series


A bit of current vernicular. A bit of majic fantasy, a bit of "how to" all mixed, on to book two.

Stephan Morse
Trials of Magic (The Hundred Halls Book 1) is a world literally full of magic, and cell phones. B...

Normally style issues are negligible or not worth mentioning, today Im starting there. I love the cover. I often couldnt tell when new chapters started (a formatting issue), and it follows third person with multiple people being followed. All these things gave me a mixed impression of the work that was hard to look past.

L. Coffing
I am so EXCITED for this series!

I just found my new book to talk peoples ears off about! I could not put this book down and have told all of my friends to get a copy to read. I can't wait for the rest of the series!!! It was a fun refreshing take on magic and creatures. The characters are so captivating. I am glad to see a magic related series that is more female based and has more of the "Supernatural" feel to it. I have been a fan of Thomas K. Carpenter for a while now, but this book is my favorite so far! Keep them coming!