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Untamed Destiny

Untamed Destiny

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Book 5 of the Animalians Hall series

The world's most dangerous zoo provides attendees the experience of a lifetime: witnessing the fearsome manticore feeding, or the speedy mystdrakon race across its dome at blurring speeds, or the pack of brutal fyrehounds hunting across a sandy landscape—all within the safety of the highly secure domes.

But success breeds complacency…

Pax and her friends are attending the grand opening of the newest section of the park: Other Realms. Intent on bringing in a new horde of attendees, the zoo custodians are opening up new domes with supernatural creatures that inspire nightmares and challenge the very limits of security. When the presence of a single, unique creature upsets the carefully constructed and overlapping systems that protect the guests, a cascade of failures turns the exciting day into a fight for survival.

This is a digital book available in the format of your chosing (.mobi, .epub, or .pdf).

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